Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween 2011: Part 2.3

**Watching the 7,500th episode of The Price is Right. This is my favorite game show. Every time I watch it I remember my grandmother. She watched it EVERY day. Probably because it came on before her "stories". I was a little skeptical when Drew Carey took over but he's doing a great job stepping into Bob Barker's shoes. Going to a taping of The Price Is Right is definitely on my bucket list.**

I know you might be thinking, "When is she going to get to Halloween 2011: Part 3?" I'm not sure. Maybe the clothing will be Part 2, the hat creation will be Part 3 (hat is on it's way, hoping it arrives later this week), jewelry selection will be Part 4, and final product Part 5? How does that sound to you?

Another day off to spend all day sewing. I will be taking the jacket in a little bit since it's baggier than I anticipated and I will need to make sure I do the exact same alterations to the lining so it fits right. BUT, before we get to that, I discovered another DELICIOUS pancake recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie, Banana Pancakes for One. Super mega delish!!! I topped mine with the other half of banana, a little butter and some honey.

3:00pm and the lining is going in.

4:30pm: Lining is in, turned and pressed. Time for sleeves and sleeve flanges. Break in 1 hour for water aerobics (aka water boot camp when instructed by Wendy).
9:20pm: Home. Sore. Dinner. Dessert (Chocolate-Covered Katie strikes again with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip). Watching Top Model. Getting back to the sewing machine - continuing with sleeves!

10:30pm: Sleeve Flanges on (ok it really didn't take me over an hour, I had to pay attention to Top Model and do a little surfing).

11:11pm: The part I've been dreading (that I haven't mentioned) - the french seam. ::insert sinister music:: Luckily I know how to do a french seam (even without reading the instructions), I've done one before, but that was in college (over 10 years ago, probably closer to 14 or 15). Organza ruffles for the collar and sleeve cuffs. Here goes nothing.
OK, that wasn't as bad as I thought, was just these small seams that had to be done. I should have been more worried about hemming the organza...
Yeah! Big pain in the ass when you can see straight through the fabric. This is just the sleeve ruffles. I didn't think to get matching thread for the organza so I used some off-white thread from a sewing kit. There was just enough to do the hem and 90% of the gathering stitches on the sleeve ruffles. Will have to stop at Jo-Ann's on Friday after work for more thread.

Tested out the main sleeve and will be taking out a portion of the seam at the upper arm to give about a 1/4" more room for comfort, but I see the clock says 12:12am so it will have to wait til tomorrow night.

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