Monday, September 12, 2011

A Bug's Day

Before I get into today's post, I must start with some sad news. This evening around 6:30, my step-grandfather, Charlie Moloney, passed away. He was an amazingly awesome man and was the definition of the phrase "He's quite a character!". He will be greatly missed.

 This is what he did every year for St Patrick's Day (for 20+ years, maybe even close to 30, and only missed 1 in that whole time because he was in the hospital).

And now for happier things. 

**Watching "Daddy Long Legs" with Fred Astaire**
Seems the bugs were out today.Saw this guy on the way out of the Bexley store.

Was welcomed back to the Distribution Center by this one:

Then saw this one on the way into Michael's:

This is what I bought at Michael's (40% off + and additional 15% of entire bead purchase.)

Looking forward to using the bead mat (used my 50% coupon on that) because I'm very tired of my beads falling and bouncing off my desk and landing in the carpet, never to been seen or heard from again.

An update of the hinge and pearl necklace. Finally bought the ribbon to make the "chain" from.

New piece that I started. Very excited about this one.

Nice close up.

Getting started.

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