Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freezer Organization

On my quest tonight to find the items to make my own Apothecary Jars, I ended up with stops at Hobby Lobby,  $ Deals, Family Dollar and Dollar General, and turns out I was right next to a Dollar Tree (that was the intended $ destination) when I was at Hobby Lobby.

Got distracted momentarily by this
while walking through Hobby Lobby.

Found the E6000 glue in the jewelry section while picking up some more clasps and some bail plates and bobby pins with bezels to try something new (not at the same time).

Only found the candle sticks at $ Deals
Had I saw some of the other tutorials before shopping, I would have taken a look at the prices on the unfinished wood pieces. I was not able to find the jars at any of the stores (didn't look at Hobby Lobby because I knew I wouldn't like the price).

The only plus side to all the stops (other that all the dollar stores being in the same strip center) was that I finally found a shelf to organize my freezer with (been looking for something for several weeks now).
Just the size and price I was looking for.

So I cleaned out the freezer...

This is what I started with...

My mom and aunt would be happy, I wiped down the freezer after I emptied it.

And the shelf fit just how I was hoping

Then it was like playing Tetris trying to get everything to go back in just so.

This is what I have now...

Now that it's organized I know that I have phyllo dough AND puff pastry sheets, and I'm half way through my venison sausage :::sad face:::.

And now I have to wait til Friday to try and find the jars. Will hit up some thrift stores with my fingers crossed.

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