Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween 2011: Part 2

7:40pm :
**Watching "Avatar" for background noise and eating leftover Skinny Zuccini Ziti for dinner**

But first I need space to work :)

8:25pm :
Table is cleared and ready to cut.

Buuuuuut I still have to cut out the pattern. (Good thing Avatar's getting to the good part.)

Time to test out my new scissors! (Haven't had a new pair in .... way too long. So, I used my last 40% off coupon and "splurged" (yeah right, it was a cheap set, I know it's nothing special but at least they will cut which is more than I can say for my remaining pairs of scissors.)

Sookie waits patiently for another ball of tissue paper scrap to get made. (She doesn't play with them the way my old cat Lilly did - I would have to leave them out for days waiting on her to tire of them - but she does run and investigate them)

Cut 9????????????? Are you serious??? The pleated panel on the bottom of the skirt takes 9 panels! Geez, now  I'm not so sure I want to start with the skirt.

(Dear Facebook, get out of my line of sight, I still have 2 more sheets of pattern pieces to cut out. No wait, it's just one sheet left, but it's all the big pieces!)

9:15pm :
Pattern cut out. Whew! Lots of pieces. I hope I have enough pins for everything.

10:06pm :
**New movie. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"**
And maybe a dessert break. I think One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two are in order. Well, minus the chocolate chips because I don't have any.

Ruby has found herself a tent and taken up residence.

Oh Look!!! Cookies are ready!
Hmm.. a little too cakey for my personal preference. Next time I will omit the extra tablespoon of flour. I thought about it after I had already dumped in the flour and started mixing. Not bad taste wise considering there's no chocolate chips. Drinking (light) chocolate soy milk to make up for the lack of chips.

11:33pm : 
Stiiiiiiiillllll cutting. I'm not even done cutting out the jacket yet, much less the skirt and its NINE panels of pleating!

12:41pm :
Harry Potter's over and I'm done for the night. Coat is about 80% cut out and Skirt is about 25% cut out. Will resume cutting and writing in the morning,.

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