Thursday, September 8, 2011

Works in Progress

Watching Cash In The Attic (British ed.) on Netflix while I post.

Tonight I want to get some works in progress posted so that I can follow their progress as they come together.I want the "chain" to be satin ribbon on this. Might try and get the ribbon tomorrow. This will also involve learning to put one of those fancy holder/closures on (see, so new to jewelry making that I don't know all the terms yet - I know I've seen it but i can't remember what it is called and I don't feel like digging through my pamphlets to figure it out.)
(This blog is also letting me have fun with photography again... I love close ups. I will have to get out my extension tubes and use them on some of the watch parts I have).Another WIP - now to find anther watch like this one (was) to finish of the pair (which I will probably keep for myself).

...Distracted by Cash In The Attic, lost my train of thought.

Oh yeah, so I didn't realize until 6pm this evening that I'm off tomorrow. Lots to do. Gotta hit the grocery store for... everything. Make a run on Jo-Ann's for jewelry findings so I can continue on with a couple of pieces. I'd love to make time to see a movie but not sure if that is going to happen because I have to make cupcakes (which will probably be the topic of tomorrow's post). Turning my mom's Carrot Cake into cupcakes. Assuming I can find where I put the recipe (cause I don't want to have to wait til she gets off work to call for the recipe). Finding the folder it's in prompted cleaning off the dining room table so that I can get the sewing machine out to work on some vintage style aprons that have just been sitting for the past couple of years, so look for that in the near future. My goal is to finally have stuff up for sale on Etsy in time for Christmas. So far, so good with about 7 jewelry pieces already in the shop. Please check out my stuff and considering giving and item a new and loving home.
I will leave you with a fun one: high school throw back night for Regionals Spirit Month!

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