Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pippifest 2011

**Watching "Royal Wedding" on Netflix** (loving the old movies lately)

Last night was Pippifest 2011. An annual camp out hosted by a skater in our league, Pippi RipYourStockings. Her friend invites us all out to his property to camp, cook out and have a bonfire. This was the reason for baking the cupcakes Friday night.
Here's the finished product I promised you:

They won FIRST PLACE in the dessert category!!!

It was stiff competition though. Gina brought a French Apple Cake that was DELISH!! I was actually worried after I tasted it. But in watching people (and some judges) taste the cupcakes I could see pure bliss in their eyes once the icing hit their taste buds. I really think that was the cincher for the cupcakes. With Carrot Cake I think most people just stop at a plain cream cheese icing. My family takes that one further step into icing ecstasy by adding pecans!

Pippifest has the best outhouse ever, you won't find another quite like it. A red carpet entrance, a front porch, mirror with light, reading materials, deer antler tp holder, and a sharpie to write on the walls so there is additional reading material. This year we got a different color so it was easy to see all the new "posts"

 Barz is checking it out for the first time because she didn't attend last year. Basa is showing her around.

 A nice flower arrangement and scented candle in the upper corner. (You can kinda see some of the writing on the walls. I won't share those pictures to protect the not so innocent.)

 Gerty had to use the potty too :D She was so sweet.

At some point in the evening someone drew a mustache on the mirror. This was a fun picture to take.

I showed my picture to Kitty and of course she wanted to do it too! :)  It is much easier to take the picture yourself than to get someone else lined up right. Still came out cute!

 There was a katydid flying around. Some people had never seen one before.

 Pippi couldn't quit using people's real names and thus had to do many shots.... several were back to back. (I can't post the picture of what got written on that name tag) [*Pippi finally admitted that the pulled pork style "venison".was actaully the groundhog she killed last week. I eat enough venison that when I tasted it I knew it was wild game but it wasn't venison. It doesn't surprise me that she did it, she's done it before. Groundhog is actually fairly tasty and everyone liked it. Hope they still liked it when they found out what it really was.]

A lot of the shots that got done for using someone's derby name was from this jar. I'll give you one guess what it was, your clues are 1) it's home made and 2) a mason jar is a normal container for it. This was "apple pie" flavored and soooooo smooth. I cringe more drinking whiskey. A lot of  stuff that happened later is probably because we finished this jar (and there were 2 containers of "regular flavor" as well - not sure if they got finished off)

A pushup contest happened between Bunz and Rigg. Actually Rigg started doing pushups and not to be outdone Bunz goes down and catches up and makes Rigg go to 50. (This probably happened because of the above picture).

 This most certainly happened because of the mason jar photo. But the host helped Kitty throw it on the fire (it's a couch). Did you know that couches burn REALLY hot? We all backed up about 20 feet once it caught.

Fire pictures were the last of the night. Skipping ahead we come to today's road trip to Oak Hill, OH to see my triplet cousins The Red Roots play at a church. It was an hour and half drive and I'd gladly do it again to see them. Saw some great cars on the drive down. The Chevy Bel Air was second best, I couldn't get a picture of the 40s or 50s Corvette because I was driving and talking to my dad on the phone. This picture was taken when we fortunately got a red light.

Also saw a Chavelle Super Sport and 3 Model Ts or As.

The Red Roots playing at Old Country Road Church Tabernacle. Left to Right that's Nicole, Nika and Natalie (thanks to their dad, Mark, for telling me how they line up on stage when I told him I still need name tags for them). They played wonderfully. I don't listen to Christian Country but I love their sound and the songs are good and catchy. Maybe I'm just biased cause they're family.

Me with the girls. last time I had a picture taken with them they were 2. (L to R: Nika, Nicole, Natalie)

<--- See? :)  And how weird/cool is it that they're in the exact opposite order and the same combo/quantities on opposite sides. Too funny!

Good night folks! Thanks for sharing in another day with me :)

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