Monday, September 19, 2011

Dreary Lazy Day

**Watching "Cash In The Attic" and drinking another Pumpkin Shake**

What a beautiful, lovely, .... rainy .... day off. Gray gray gray!! I slept in then watched the remainder of Let's Make a Deal and then The Price Is Right. Finally I started to be productive. Today ended up being product photo day. I tried to use my "new" (read used) 3rd light but forgot I hadn't bought a new modeling lamp for it yet and then I didn't feel like re-metering the other 2 lights so I put it away again and just worked with my normal set up.

This piece may not even get listed.
My newest derby little sister has said she wants to buy my watch gear earrings so I've sent her this picture to see if she wants the matching necklace. I REALLY like this necklace so one day I might en up making one for myself.

Still working on this piece but I decided to take a picture of it anyway.
 I think it needs something else on the bottom but it's raised so much I can't get a jump ring around it. I might get some wire and try a wire wrap and then attach some more beads.

Got all my fascinators photographed too.
This is one of my favorites. I have one for myself that's even bigger. Mine is a large pink and white peony with a full pink ostrich plume (it will more than likely end up as part of the Marie Antoinette costume).

And finally photographed this apron that's been waiting to be photographed and listed for nearly 2 years now.
Once I finish cleaning off the dining room table I can get back to work on the other aprons. One is cut out and ready to sew, then I've got fabric for 2-3 more (one's Elvis themed!).

And lastly, I forgot to post what I bought at the Gahanna Flea market yesterday.
On my way to leave I found a lady with piles of junk jewelry she was selling for 50 cents a piece. All this cost me $3!!!

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