Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wearing History pattern giveaway.

Wearing History is giving away some patterns.

I would love to make several of these, but especially the Edwardian Blouse and that cute little blue dress!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project Runway Re-Creation #1 - Part 4 - The Dress

Here's how the dress came together in the final fabric.

Putting the skirt panels together:

Trying to get the pleats right:

And here's the finished dress (but not the vest yet, that will be another post).
Front view:
I'm very happy with how it turned out and the fit. I have impressed myself!

Back view:
 Side view:
What it not shown here is the buttons and chain I added to the cuff later on.
Look, I even did seam finishes!!!!

Nicely set in sleeves that fit me better than any sleeve I have ever put in.

Cuffs adapted from the 1940s pattern I took the sleeve from. I just cut 2 instead of folding over and then cut the sides at an angle to get this look.

I really hope I took pictures of the vest and that the pictures are just hiding from me at the moment.  I did get to wear the completed outfit to a Halloween party recently and 1 person knew exactly what it was, so exciting!

Shoes ...

Paper Mothball Vintage is giving away a pair of American Duchess 23 Skidoo shoes.

A nice 1920s shoe. I've only recently gotten into the 20s style. Will need shoes eventually.