Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween 2011: Part 2.2

Breakfast this yesterday morning was so delicious I have to tell you where to get the recipe. Check out Chocolate Covered Katie's blog for her Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Pancakes. Guilt free chocolate pancakes!!!!
That's a little molasses on top, not chocolate syrup.

Remember when I said I was 80% done cutting the jacket out? Yeah well that was just for the outer fabric. I still have the lining and interfacing to go. Just now getting started on all the panels of pleats for the skirt. Today may just be another day of cutting.
 Lining cutting in progress.

FINALLY done cutting!!! Gotta give my back a rest before staring up the sewing machine.

**Watching "Sweet Home Alabama".  I love this movie!!! I remember taking my aunt to see it in the theater and when they first show the inside of  Melanie's parent's  trailer my aunt slapped her hand down on top of mine as exclaimed "OH MY GOD!..... We had all of that stuff!!!" (in her very southern accent). It's true!! The green plaid recliner.... I'm sitting in it right now. It belonged to my Da (what I called my grandfather on my dad's side) and it is the most comfortable recliner ever!**

{a nightfall and work day later}

Jacket got about 20% done before crashing into bed last night. Now to get started again.

{2 1/2 hours later}

Outer shell of jacket done except for sleeves. Might take it in a little bit in the sides so that it's not cinched completely shut in the back to begin with, but will have to take good notes on what I do so I can do the same to the lining. Main concern is not loosing any breadth across the shoulders or roominess of the sleeves, both areas that I run into trouble with.

Pocket detail (I've done so much 18th Century research the past few days for next year's costume that looking at this makes me want to embroider that pocket flap).


Close up of the back for lacing.

Calling it quits for tonight. Hoping for another good night's sleep (2 in a row so far, let's see if the upstairs neighbors are finally taking their noise violation warnings to heart and try for 3 nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep).

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