Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project Runway Re-Creation #2 - The Planning.

 The second piece I fell in love with from Michelle Franklin's line. I love the skirt, especially the decorative part on the hip. Also the breast-plate piece is pretty awesome too.
This is the pattern I selected for the shirt:
The runway piece buttons up the entire back, but since I pretty much suck at button holes (I only learned to make them 2 years ago and have only done 1 other piece that required them), I am perfectly fine with this pattern only having 1 button at the neck. I probably will not attempt to put a collar on it because I'm not really a collar kind of girl and I can picture it without fairly easily.
The fabric for the shirt:
Honestly, I forgot that the green was more of an olive color, but it wouldn't have made a difference since the fabric store didn't have that shade of green. This hunter green is nice though and I already have thoughts and plans for additional colors to make to change it up.
This is the pattern I selected to use for the skirt:
It's not exactly right, but I haven't really looked closely at the pattern pieces yet to see if I will be able to alter it to the uneven hem line or not. Regardless, I still like the pattern and had been looking for an excuse to buy it. (I think it would make a great Pan Am costume). The chiffon flounce at the bottom I plan on making detachable so that I can change the color or just wear it without the flounce.

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