Monday, May 27, 2013

Back To Blogging

I have recently told myself that with my new job (OK, been there for a little over a year now) and all the free time I have when I get home, there should be no excuse not to blog. So... I'm going to attempt to do a once a week update. That shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean I'm always taking pictures of what I'm working on with the intention of blogging about it, but I always seems to find something else to do instead.

I currently have about 7-8 projects I am either currently working on, thinking about or planning for, or got started and now they're sitting to the side because I got on to something else. So all the things are kinda like this:

1) Currently working on: A recreation of a finale piece from this season's Project Runway winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin. I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it. This is being made for TeslaCon in October. Currently have the pattern figured except for sleeves (that's today's goal). Bought some grey suede-like fabric for the bottom layer on Saturday at Jo-Ann's off the clearance shelf (50% off red tag price & a 10% entire purchase coupon - Go Me!!!).... I just hope 1 1/2 yards is enough for that part. Waiting on some swatches to come in from a couple of online fabric stores for my options for the cream/ivory portion. If I don't like any of them I'm going to go with a linen-look fabric from Jo-Ann's. Will probably use some sort of suiting material for the over-vest (or whatever you want to call that). This has also been my first go at "franken-patterning" - blog post to come on this creation.

2) In planning stage: Another Project Runway finale piece from Michele Lesniak Franklin. Also will be made for TeslaCon in October. I bought a hunter green chiffon, but the vintage shirt pattern I bought to make it from should be easy enough to do in other colors and I have thought to attach the lower skirt ruffle by snaps so that it could be changed out to match the shirt or worn without a lower ruffle. Also, probably going to use the sleeves from the shirt pattern for the above dress as they look very similar.
3) In thought process: Steampunk Roller Girl for Teslacon. Did some research and have only found 2 other girls who have done it and only 1 of those went the direction I am thinking. There will be lots of knitting and leather working needed for this one.

4) On the back burner: A pattern that belonged to my Grandmother. My Aunt found several when cleaning out the attic for a yard sale. I have traced this pattern, made a mock up and have started trying to scale it down to fit me. I can't decide on a fabric to make it in. 

5) On the back-burner: Another pattern of my Grandmother's. This one is at the exact same point as #4: pattern has been traced, enlarged and mock up made. Also cannot decide on what kind of fabric to use.
6) In thought process: Again, another pattern from my Grandmother's attic. This one has just been ironed and put into the Ziploc bag for protection. I have to finish #4 & #5 before I will allow myself to go further on this one. 
7) In planning stage: Found the photo at an antique store(name on the back is "Minnie"). I have never seen anything from this time period with that kind of pattern for the shirt - it's AWESOME! Then I found this polyester fabric at the thrift store that was almost identical to the pattern in her skirt. There's only 3 yards of the fabric so I don't know that I can do it on the diagonal like Minnie's. Then I was going through my patterns I got for Christmas and realized that I had something that was practically perfect for recreating this.... when I get around to it. Would be good for TeslaCon but I don't really know that I will have the time and I haven't even started looking for the fabric for the top.

8) In planning stages (for about a year now): This 18th century fashion plate. I found this after I have bought some fabric that would have potentially become an alternate underskirt for my Marie Antoinette dress I made last year. The greens are a nearly perfect match and I was able to find the blue as well. I already purchased a Polonaise pattern to use, everything else just keep getting put ahead of this on the "To Do" list. I had intended on making for Halloween this year but now that I'm going to TeslaCon, I won't need it and I really don't think I have the time to fit it in with everything else I need to make.

So you see, I do have plenty to blog about! Let's see how much I can get done by Halloween!

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