Saturday, March 8, 2014

HSF14: #5 Bodice

The Challenge: Bodice
Fabric: 2 yards of Taffeta
Pattern: Truly Victorian: TV420: 1879 Cuirass Bodice with Evening Options 
Year: 1879 
Notions: Thread, boning, trim, button forms 
How historically accurate is it? As close as I could get. Machine stitched including button holes. 
Hours to complete: I don't keep track. On and off for about a week. 
First worn: Broken Hearts Masquerade Ball on Valentine's Day
Total cost: $28.75 ($8 for taffeta + $7.49 for interlining +  $2.50 for lining + $2.82 for pearl trim + $5.97 for button forms +$1.97 for thread)

This time last year I made an 1870s bodice, so  I wasn't as stressed making this as I was making the other. The only daunting task I had in front of me was my plan for this to be a button bodice, where as I did hooks and eyes last year.

As usual, mock up first...
Fitting Front
Fitting Back
I had to take in the top of the back about a half of an inch. I probably could have stood to have taken in the shoulder seem just a tad but it ended up working out well enough.

Cutting everything out is my least favorite part. I wish I had a helper to do all the cutting!

I like it much better when it a starts taking shape.

Boning day is always exciting! Means I'm almost done!

Boning in their casing stitched down to the darts and seams.
 I finally got around to setting in the sleeves after inserting the boning. Things got a little out of order.

Lining time!!!!

I also decided to do covered buttons instead of buying something ready made.

Not bad for my first time doing these.

Doing all those button holes and making sure they were precisely placed was the most nerve wracking part. Making sure all the buttons got in the right spot was only slightly less so.

Close up of the trim. This is also on the bottom of the skirt.
And finally.... the complete dress!
This was at the annual Broken Hearts Masquerade Ball here in Columbus, OH. This year is fell on Valentines Day which also happens to be my birthday!

As you can see from the picture, the petticoat tends to peek out from under the skirt at the back edges. I haven't figured out a solution for it yet beside loosening the cinch of the fan tail. Eventually I plan on putting a large fabric bow on the skirt to better conceal the cinch and then I should be able to loosen it a bit more. I will have to try and get more angles of the whole ensemble the next time I wear it, which will be in April for Steampunk Empire Symposium. Also, future plans down the line for this dress include making a matching day bodice and adding more trims to the skirt.

I forgot I had taken this picture of the back on the dress form:

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  1. Oh the whole ensemble together is very pretty! I may have to look into this event next year. I'm in the Akron area and am always looking for events.