Monday, February 10, 2014

HSF14: #3 Pink

The Challenge: Pink
Fabric: 4 yds taffeta 
Pattern: Truly Victorian TV225 
Year: 1879 
Notions:  thread, single fold bias tape, ribbon, pearl trim 
How historically accurate is it? 90%? The taffeta is most likely partially synthetic, it was on the clearance table and didn't have it's full description. 
Hours to complete: 1 afternoon for the base of the skirt. Unknown amount of time for the trim. 
First worn: Intend to wear at Broken Hearts Masquerade on Valentine's Day 
Total cost: $26.37 ($16 for the taffeta + $5.92 trim + $1.19 bias tape + $1.29 ribbon + $1.97 thread)

The initial plan:

The plaid fabric came first, found at a thrift store. I chose the taffeta after a couple of comparisons, the other choice was the lighter pink in the plaid. When I bought this taffeta, I actually thought it was burgundy, but in the light of my apartment, when I got it all spread out, it looked more pink. Not a bad thing because it enabled me to move some projects around

I forgot to take pictures until I got to the train of the skirt and had this lovely intersection of seams:

 Adding the bias tape to make the drawstring channel. This is after inserting the ribbon.

The skirt went together so fast after that that I didn't stop and take pictures until it was done.
Side view. The petticoat peeks out from underneath on the sides.
Back view.
Then, I decided to do pleats on the bottom to help give the train so weight so it would behave. The skirt is 4 yards around... I wanted 1" pleats..... TWELVE YARDS OF FABRIC had to be pleated!!!!
Hemming both sides. (my sewing machine sits on top of a treadle table)
Only a portion...
Pinning it in place on the skirt.
After stitched down.
The top of the pleats were a bit floppy because of how far down I stitched, but I planned on adding a trim of some sort. I found a pretty pearl edge trim that had the feel I was looking for. I really like the way it turned out.

I tacked on a scrap of the trim over the gathering in the back. I really want to make a large matching fabric bow to go there eventually.

I had contemplated some additional trims and even have the stuff to add a wide ribbon above the pleats and fabric to make ruching that I thought might look nice above the ribbon, but by the time I finished the button the bodice that goes with this my hands were too tired to do anything else.

Stay tuned for posts about the bodice, petticoat, chemise and pantaloons coming up for the next to Historical Sew Fortnightly posts.

Oh, and that pink plaid in the first photo... one day it will possibly be an over-skirt for this... or maybe a different dress, who knows.

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