Sunday, June 9, 2013

Project Runway Re-Creation #1 - Part 3 - The Pattern

Today's project was creating the pattern so I could figure out how much fabric I need to buy. I started by ripping out all the seams of the dress and ironing all the pieces flat. Also, as a starting point, I folded on the center front line so that I could cut off half the fabric and just use the best side.

I have marked where the pieces will be "cut on fold", and where the pleats will com from and meet at. I numbered each piece like a real pattern and drew grain lines where necessary.

 The long black line in the center of this piece is where the inside of the pleat will fall and where I will place a seam so that 1) the pattern fits on the width of fabric I have and 2) the seam will be hidden and not visible when the dress is worn... or at least that's the idea. All of the skirt pieces had to be cut into additional pieces so that they will fit on the fabric.

 Once I had all the pieces marked and identified, I traced them onto thick brown paper so that 1) when I cut the real fabric there will less chance anything will stretch and 2) since I used so many different fabrics, I needed all the pieces to look uniform for change. I was starting to get the pieces mixed up.

Transferred all the markings.

 Cut all the pieces out.

At this point, I had to strategically place the pieces on my cutting board to figure out how many yards of fabric I will need. I almost messed up because at first I figured all the pieces, forgetting that the lower portion was going to be in a different color. So I had to re-arrange them. I think (hope) that 3 yards will be enough for the main portion and while I haven't measure out the bottom portion on the fabric I have for that, I'm fairly certain I have more than enough.

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