Saturday, June 8, 2013

Project Runway Re-Creation #1 - Part 2

Finally getting to move forward on this project. I've been waiting for fabric samples to come in from some online sources to help make my decision on what the main portion of the dress will be made from. Locally, I had decided on a linen-look fabric if I didn't like what I could find online. After a re-shipment of a lost package from finally arrived yesterday with some nice fabrics that I might order for future project, I have decided to go with the 1 sample I ordered from - a Textured Crinkle Crepe in Ivory. At $4 a yard, it's roughly the same price as the linen-look at Jo-Ann's and I like the texture better. I will have to at least flat line the skirt because the fabric is a little thin, and then with the extra weight, it will hang a little better.

So, today's project is just un-assembling the mock up to make the pattern pieces to be able to figure out how much fabric I will need. The Crepe is only 52" wide. Not sure how the skirt is going to piece together with this limitation. If I need to add additional seams, I'm going to have to try to place them in the inner crease of the pleats so that they don't show on the outside.


Other things in progress:
  • Re-Creation #2
    • Shirt bodice is cut and all tucks sewn
    • Need to cut sleeves
    • Bought lightweight interfacing for cuffs
    • Skirt cut from some linen-ish fabric found at the thrift store. Hurray for 2 1/5 yds of fabric for $3!
    • Still trying to find a 12", Invisble, Hunter Green zipper.
  • Derby skirt
    • Tea dyed all fabrics that needed it.
    • Bought random fabric at Jo-Ann's for the misc ruffles.
    • Decided it will be a fixed waistband with a zipper rather than an elastic waist band
      • bought zipper

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