Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HSF14: #8 UFO or PHD

The Challenge: UFO or PHD
Fabric: Cotton
Pattern:  J.P. Ryan Pet-en-l'air
Year: mid 18th century
Notions: thread, boning, grommets, twill tape
How historically accurate is it? As good as I can get. I don't hand stitch eyelets, ever. I did minimal hand stitching. I plan on removing the machine stitched hem and re-doing it by hand like I normally would but I was in a time crunch on this and still didn't get it finished until 4 days after the deadline.
Hours to complete: unknown
First worn: Will be worn Memorial Day Weekend at the Chestertown Tea Party Festival in Chestertown, MD
Total cost: Have not calculated yet, have to find a couple of receipts. I probably don't want to know though.

This is mainly going to be a picture post because I don't have much to say other than this is probably the hardest pattern I have ever made. I think the directions could be written a little better as several parts were very confusing. This Pet-en-l'air had been sitting in my sewing pile as a half done mock up for several months. I had to get on making it because it had to be done in time for Memorial day so this Challenge was the perfect excuse to get it done!

The Lining - Front

The Lining - Back
What I learned with the lining: I made it inside out. Oh well! Couple of minor adjustments to make sure the edges don't show and it will be fine. Now I know for next time. Mid-making of this I swore I would never make it again, but then when It was 95% done and sitting on my dress form, I could see my Rococo Punk (Georgian era Steampunk) outfit. So, at least now I know how it all goes together.

The "what is this, something from the 1970s?" period.

I didn't not take any pictures between this and getting done. Oops!

Finished Front
Pay no attention to the scrubs blue petticoat. I had first thought I wanted a light blue petticoat but half way through the Pet I decided I wanted navy blue instead, so the light below becomes an under petticoat.

Side view.

Finished back.
Oh how I love a saque back!!!

Close-up of front.
Still have to figure out how i want to trim the stomacher, or if I even want to. It might all have to wait for another day when I can add more decorative trim to the whole thing.

Close-up of the top of the back pleats.
Sleeve - outer flounce.
Sleeve - inner flounce.
Underneath the back.



  1. That fabric (chintz??) is lovely, whole outfit looks great :)

    1. Just a cotton from Jo-Ann Fabrics, in with all the quilting type fabrics. According to the selvage it was created/printed specifically for Jo-Anne's and it is a current print so it can still be found. I think there were some other shade variations but I wanted a red. white and blue for Memorial Day.