Sunday, November 10, 2013

The 2014 "To Do" List

"To Do" list is probably a bit presumptuous. Think of it more like a "list of things that I would like to one day accomplish but to do them all in 1 year might be a far stretch of the imagination". I tend to forget about things that I want to get done, so a couple of weeks ago I sat down and wrote out a list and keep adding to it when I remember something else or buy some new fabric for yet another project. I also think that it will help in completing projects for the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014. I tried to do it this year but I think I only officially finished 2 things at the beginning of the year. None of the other challenges fit with what I had planned to work on this past year or I couldn't think of anything simple to do out of what I had. So, now when a new challenge comes up, I can look down my list and see what will work. With the first 3 challenges already announced for next year, it seems to be working so far as I have found items on my list that will work and now I have time to prepare to complete them. So, here's my "To Do" list:
  1. Memorial Day Dresses
    1. Me
      1. Stays
      2. Pet en l'air
      3. Petticoats
      4. Hat
    2. Mom
      1. Dress
      2. Cap
    3. Dog
      1. Dress
      2. Tiny Hat
  2. The Duchess: Fox Dress (hopefully for Halloween)
  3. 1940s Polka Dot Dress (from grandmother's pattern)
  4. Lobster Tail Bustle
  5. Blue/Green 18th c. Polonaise
  6. Regency Dress (from sheets found at thrift store)
  7. Titanic ear dress made from a sari
  8. Blue/Gold Frock Coat
  9. Caraco (from table cloth found at thrift store)
  10. Blue Flowered Polonaise, Pet en 'air, or caraco
  11. Recover umbrella
  12. any of the 1940s/50s patterns
  13. Something from the pink plaid fabric
    1. thinking a Natural Form skirt for HSF14 Challenge 3: Pink 
  14. "Minnie" photo re-creation (an antique photo of a woman named Minnie I found. Unique prints).
  15. Corsets
    1. 1910 Long Line
    2. 1865-1880 Pattern bought at Teslacon
      1. This might end up being my "Hugo Boss/Calvin Klein" Corset made from thrift store men's shirt.
    3. Corset from gold silk shirt (unsure what year I will do but I have a bunch of patterns saved on my computer so this will probably also be a "learn to scale up a pattern" corset.
  16. Regency stays
  17. Chemise a la Reine (HSF14 Challenge #2: Innovation)
  18. Remake antique black 1910s/20s dress (learning to pattern from existing clothing)
  19. Vintage swimwear
  20. Remake vintage lingerie (patterning from existing clothing)
    1. bullet bra
    2. Edwardian cotton slip
  21. Corset Cover
  22. Pantaloons or pantalettes (or both :) )
  23. More petticoats (for layering)
    1. 18th c.
    2. 19th c.

We shall see at the end of next year how much gets done. Mock-ups for item #1.2 & #1.3 need to get done before Thanksgiving so the fit can be checked while I'm at my mom's for Thanksgiving.

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