Monday, September 30, 2013

Steampunk Roller Derby - Part 1

Remember how I JUST said an update will have to wait? Well, I forgot I had a post written and was waiting to post it. Go me!

So, I had been planning on making a pair of bloomer shorts for the Steampunk Roller Derby Outfit for TeslaCon. I already have a pair of pants I picked up at the thrift store just for this purpose, and I will still make them. But last night I saw a skirt on Etsy that was just a big mix of satin, lace, ribbon, & doilies and it inspired me.
It kinda looked like this, but this is not the skirt I saw, I can't remember how I came across it in the first place :)  Ooooh, look at these cool spats the seller has too! OK, I'm getting distract..... ooh sparkly!  This is pretty.  Adding this seller to favorites, she has lots of stuff I like! Actually surprised that wasn't the shop where I found the other skirt.
Tomorrow is 50% day at the thrift store near my work so I'm going there with a plan of raiding the lace curtain sheers, place mats, doilies, table runners, & prom dresses. Then 'll need to pick up some tea when I go to the store so I can do a natural dye on them. I'm not necessarily looking for all cream pieces, I'll probably pick up a few of different colors for a little splash here and there. Not sure if I'm going to put it on an elastic waistband  or a normal one. I just hope this thing comes out like what I'm imagining.

2 thrift stores provide some supplies: 1 large, beige, circular table cloth with a lace edge; 2 lace curtain valances (won't use both but thought 1 could be made into a stand-alone skirt); 5 doilies, 1 handkerchief; & 2 belts.

A close up of the doilies and a handkerchief:

This large doily is a great color:

Then I found these 2 belts. The dark brown sequin one is more of a sash-type belt. Love the belt buckle on the gold one.

Next up, I will put my college education to work and do some natural dying with tea and coffee. Stay tuned.

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