Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New job is great and I'm finally getting used to staying awake after I get home. The first month it was nap time as soon as I got home. It is a mentally exhausting job but I've learned a lot (that I never thought I would know.... or want to know.... like what luan is.). 

Since then, Halloween Costume 2012 (tm) has (slightly) commenced. 95% of the fabric has been purchased (just need the sleeve flounce fabric and glad I waiting because the book I'm reading now - The Secret Wife of Louis XIV - states that having pristine white clothing was a sign of wealth. I will make sure to get white white fabric), 85% of the boning for the  stays has been purchased (out of stock on 3 sizes), pockets are 99% done, pocket hoop pattern purchased (need to get all ingredients for these), sound a pair of shoes that I am going to cover to match the dress, and wig tutorials have been bookmarked. I look forward to really diving into this project when my current living situation gets back to just me in a couple of weeks. My biggest complaint..... not enough occasions to wear this once I am done. I wish there were costume groups here in Ohio like the ones I read about out on the west coast.

I also bought this Polonaise pattern when I bought my hoops and boning. Happy Tax Return Day for me! This will be my next project after Marie Antoinette is done. Aaaannnddd theeeeenn, I want to make either a riding habit or pierrot jacket/dress (either one can be seen here - last one on the top and first one on the bottom).

Stay tuned for more sewing excitement to come.

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